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Because of war in Syria and escalating violence in Iraq, families have been forced to flee. And in July alone, Europe received an estimated 107,000 refugeees. In the first 5 months of 2015, some 1,850 people drowned in the Mediterranean in their attempt to reach European shores.

As the Syrian conflict enters its 5th year, a combination of desperation and hope is leading growing numbers of refugees to attempt the extremely perilous journey to Europe. Harrowing stories have emerged of death, starvation and abuse at the hands of human smugglers. And, from the world's new and continuing conflict zones, there have been new mass movements—across borders and within states.

CRS is scaling up our response to the crisis in the Balkans, where thousands of Syrian refugees and other migrants are arriving every day in hopes of reaching the European Union. With our Caritas partners, CRS is supporting families with immediate assistance, including food, water, access to sanitation, legal services, medical care and trauma counseling.

Your support will strengthen our response to the conflicts in the Middle East and the refugee crisis.

Photo courtesy of Caritas Staff
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